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The company’s mission is to preserve the history and culture of traditional Flamenco through cutting-edge performances. Captivating people of all ages, and providing year-round work for New Mexican artists.

The performances also bring the community together in their love for Flamenco and supporting the arts in New Mexico.

$1,500 of the $3,000 table purchase is tax deductible. All donations made to EmiArteFlamenco are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor New Mexico Dance Coalition. To make a table purchase, issue a check to the “New Mexico Dance Coalition” and note “EmiArteFlamenco” in the memo of the check. Please address check to: P.O. Box 31724, Santa Fe, NM 87594

(505) 660-9122

Launched in 2014, our dynamic company comprises an ensemble of local and international artists, dancers, and musicians.

We embrace artistic excellence and are renowned for embodying the power, passion and virtuosity of the art of Flamenco. We want to promote the history and culture of Flamenco here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Photo Credits: Talweg Creative

EmiArteFlamenco is an amazing organization which is seeking to create a true sense of place and give children as well as all stripes of New Mexicans (both Native New Mexicans and those who have transplanted themselves here as their new home) the threads with which to weave themselves a deep sense of place and culture through the art of Flamenco.

We have a vision to further deepen the community in New Mexico through our shows and our teaching and community residencies throughout New Mexico. Flamenco has a long and colorful history in New Mexican culture, and our mission is to preserve that for many years to come.

Above anything else, we believe in community and belonging. And we know experientially that this sense of belonging and purpose we find through our art and our songs and dancing can be shared in by our audience members. At our shows, we want the audience to take the journey with us. We view the relationship between the artists and the audience as a co-created journey. We express our purpose and sense of belonging, and we want to invite as many people as we can to share in this energy and creation with us. 

authentic, world-class flamenco in santa fe, new mexico

la emi


Every human emotion that is possible to feel can be expressed through flamenco